Image of tractor

Building Safety Awareness in India

Although John Deere first introduced roll-over protection structures (ROPS) to the North American farm industry in the 1960s, ROPS still aren’t commonplace everywhere.

In India, most of the tractors in operation, regardless of brand, are not equipped with this potentially life-saving device. We’re hoping to change that.

Through demonstrations at our service center in Pune, India, and at farm shows throughout the country, we’re showing farmers the safety risks of operating a tractor without ROPS, especially in certain environments and conditions.

The roll-over demonstrations are but one example of our efforts to help our Indian customers, operators, and dealers understand the importance of product safety, and how Deere has integrated safety features into our products.

The initial emphasis has been on tractors, highlighting safety features that operators may not have or be aware of, such as shields, operator-presence sensing, ROPS, and seat belts. Safety messages are included in operator manuals, brochures, posters, banners, and tractor demonstrations, and they are deployed through a broad range of communication channels, such as farm shows, websites, and dealer and customer meetings.