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Product Financing

John Deere Financial: The logical choice for financing

Why choose John Deere Financial to finance your equipment?


Who better to put your trust in than the company that built the equipment in the first place? At John Deere Financial our sole purpose is to help you invest in the future success of your business with the greater reliability and productivity that John Deere products bring

We provide you a full range of financing for John Deere equipment, including Hire Purchase, Finance and Rental options.

Finance is available through your local John Deere dealer and can be tailored to your individual cash flow needs.

Your financing options:

Hire Purchase: Simplicity of fixed repayments, flexibility of equipment ownership.

Finance Lease: Regular fixed repayments over an agreed period, with the ability to pay VAT as you go.

Operating Lease: Known rental costs, more regularly updated equipment.

Contract hire: Known running costs, better maintained equipment, no concerns about depreciation.

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