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John Deere Forum

Immerse yourself in the world of agricultural machines and get in touch with tractors, harvesters or combines. Learn about engine performance, possible fields of application or see the production of a tractor.

Forum Tour


Our huge machinery exhibition shows you different types of tractors and other agricultural machines. We demonstrate how modern agricultural engineering, environment protection and a sustainable production are brought together at John Deere.

Vintage machines

Make a journey through time and follow our company’s history from the beginning. Big posters and information-boards share the John Deere story and developments during the last 175 years.

The historic tractors give you an idea of farm life in the past. We exhibit early machines like the first Lanz Bulldog HL12, the first John Deere tractors produced in Mannheim and many other vintage machines.

Children at the Forum

We have an educational area for children and youth. Younger guests are invited to discover our play area.
We can also support school field trip requests with attractive learning content and illustrative materials about agriculture, food production and nutrition.

Events and guided tours

Factory tours for agricultural groups

Agricultural groups and clients can ask their dealer to register them for a factory tour.

Factory tours with more than 15 people

With prior arrangements, we offer guided tours through the John Deere tractor production for groups of more than 15 people. For safety reasons, youth under 16 years of age are not allowed to participate alone in our guided tours. Young people from ten to 15 years may only participate if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Daily factory tours for smaller groups

For groups up to 15 people we offer regularly scheduled tours through the Mannheim tractor factory every Friday at 13:00, 14:15 and 15:30. Prior registration is required. Costs: 5 € for adults; children older than ten years are free and may participate with a parent or legal guardian.

Guided tours through the museum

John Deere factory museum in Mannheim shows Lanz Bulldogs and old John Deere tractors. Visitors can discover the fascinating development of tractors through the ages. Guided tours: every Thursday; Start at 15:00 and 16:00

Costs: 4€ for adults; children are free. As a unique present, our visitors receive a John Deere history brochure. Please register, if you would like to participate.

Here is the registration form for the museum tour.

Activities for children

Play corner

Agriculture becomes a world full of adventure for children in our John Deere Forum. We have a wide collection of tractor models; children can paint their favorite farm animals or do a jigsaw puzzle. Our younger guest – and adults – may sit in the operator’s seat in many of our exhibition machines.

John Deere Shop

In our John Deere shop you find a complete collection of merchandise -- for example model tractors, toys, top-quality clothing including jackets, casual wear, caps and much more.

Open hours
Weekdays: 11:00 - 19:00

Plus, you can find all this merchandise and more at our Online Shop.

Lanz Bistro

In the mood for a coffee or a snack? Our Lanz Bistro offers fresh salads, delicious sandwiches and other delicacies. Fair-trade Coffee and chocolate, organic products and whole foods complete our offer. The Bistro also offers pizza and Tart Flambé.

Make yourself comfortable on our bistro terrace with a good view of the Forum exhibition area.

Open hours
Weekdays: 09:00 - 17:00


John Deere Forum
Christine Nagler
John-Deere-Straße 70
68163 Mannheim

Tel.: 0621 829-1236
Fax.: 0621 829-1238

Download Directions (in German language only).

Opening hours

Without registration you can look at our machines, visit our John Deere Shop or eat and drink in our Lanz Bistro.

Monday to Friday
John Deere Forum
09:00 - 19:00

John Deere Shop
11:00 - 19:00

Lanz Bistro
09:00 - 17:00


John Deere Forum, Shop, Lanz Bistro
11:00 - 17:00

Special opening hours
30.07.-24.08.12 Forum, Shop, Bistro
09:00 - 17:00